Ryosangata Riko: Saigo no Puramo Joshi no Jinsei Kumitate Ki (2024)

Ryosangata Riko: Saigo no Puramo Joshi no Jinsei Kumitate Ki (2024)

Other name: 量産型リコ -最後のプラモ女子の人生組み立て記- りょうさんがたリコ さいごのプラモじょしのじんせいくみたてき


Komukai Riko is the family's second daughter, with an elder sister who is sturdy and a younger sister who is more free-spirited. Riko was working briefly in Tokyo when she returned to her parent's residence after her grandfather died.

While rummaging through her stuff on the roof where the family has gathered for the first time in four years, Riko comes across a half-completed plastic model. Riko was guided by Yassan to the Yajima model shop where her grandfather used to go, and she decided to make her first plastic model.

Riko, feeling that she knows a little more about her grandfather and family, resolves to spend the summer at her parent's house so she can do what her grandfather regrets.

(Source: Japanese = Natalie.mu)

Episodes: 10

Duration: 30 min.

Airs On: Friday

Original Network: TV Tokyo; TV Osaka; TV Aichi; TV Hokkaido; TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting; TV Setouchi;

Director: Nakamura Yutaro [中村祐太郎] and Nakagawa Kazuhiro [中川和博]

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Business; Drama; life; Workplace;

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