This Love Doesn't Have Long Beans (2024)

This Love Doesn't Have Long Beans (2024)

Other name: รักนี้ไม่มีถั่วฝักยาว Rak Ni Mai Mi Thua Fak Yao


Model Plawan has been a pad kaprao—no long beans—enthusiast all his life. Offered a hefty sum, he's hired to train at a well-known chef's table restaurant under head chef Chef Oab. His secret mission is to make Chef Oab fall for him and and to become his successor. Unfortunately, he's shaken by the harsh and stern-looking chef who smells like holy basil. Apart from being known for his skills in the kitchen, he's also said to be a serious perfectionist, instilling fear even in his peers. How, then, can amateur Plawan hope to measure up?

Adapted from the web novel "No Beans and Love Me More" (รักนี้ไม่มีถั่วฝักยาว) by Ninepinta (นายพินต้า).

Airs On: Friday

Original Network: One 31;

Director: Nui Suttasit [ศุทธสิทธิ์ เดชอินทรนารักษ์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: BL; Food; LGBTQ+; Novel; Romance;

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