Embrace U Through Galaxy (2024)

Embrace U Through Galaxy (2024)

Other name: Can Ruo Xing He , 燦若星河


Li Xing He, a business prodigy, is like a cat living alone in a mansion - sensitive, vigilant, and far away from the crowd. Suffering from mental illness, he longed for contact with others but was afraid of getting close and being hurt. He could only huddle in a dark corner and lick his wounds alone until one day, a woman named Su Xiao Can stumbled into his life. Because of a sleep experiment, the two travelled together into a magical dreamland. There, they return to the high school campus with no differences in identity and status, only the passion and beauty of youth. After letting go of their guard and prejudice, the two got closer and closer.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2024

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Romance;

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