Night Dream (2023)

Night Dream (2023)

Other name: คืนฝันของฉันและเธอ ไนท์ดรีม Khuen Fan Khong Chan Lae Thoe Ночной сон Найт Дрим


Night, a senior literature student, was still unable to complete his final novel project because he didn't understand the concept of love. He had the chance to meet Dream, the owner of Tokyo Boy, and his close friend in high school whom he had lost contact with for years, and he never found out why Dream left his life. Then, Dream and Night rekindled their friendship. Night didn't even try to ask Dream about his whereabouts. He simply requested Dream to never again abandon him without explanation. After that, Dream assisted Night in finding the meaning of love for his work. He helped Night realize what love is, and that it's what Night had known all along, but he didn't accept it: Dream is his love. Cowardice kept Night from stepping forward, making him build up an iron wall and deny his feelings. Still, no matter how hard he tried, his feelings for Dream grew stronger by the day. Strong and obvious to the point where he couldn't suppress them any longer, but it seemed he was too late... because Dream was about to leave his life again.

(Source: Youku)

Adapted from the novel "Night Dream" (คืนฝันของฉันและเธอ) by Faddist or Po Fo (ปอฝอ).

Episodes: 6

Airs On: Saturday

Director: Ball Kanathorn Tabvilai [บอล คณธร ทับวิไล]

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: BL; Drama; LGBTQ+; Novel; Romance;

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