Paper Bride (2023)

Paper Bride (2023)

Other name: Zhi Xin Niang , 紙新娘


In the early years of the Republic of China period, the Madame of the Ma family in Qingbao Village is holding an underworld marriage for her oldest grandson Ma Bu Ming, who had passed away due to illness. Suddenly, the paper bride is mysteriously resurrected, causing chaos at the scene. The Yin-yang Magician believes that the second grandson Ma Bu Kuai is harassed by the paper bride because he has formed a bad fate with her due to his blood and must be sent away from the Ma Mansion. Eleven years later, Ma Bu Kuai returns to his hometown with his lover Li Zhao Di to discuss the matter of marriage. Unexpectedly, after he returns to the Ma Mansion, a series of mysterious murders occurs. Without believing in any supernatural theories, he believes that there is something fishy about this matter and decides to personally solve the mystery. During this process, he gradually learns about a long-standing feud.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Thriller;

  • Ongoing Series

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