Perfect Her

Perfect Her

Other name: Like Someone in Love , Wan Mei De Ta , Jiu Ai Xin Yan , 旧爱新颜 , 舊愛新顏 , She's Perfect


At the tenth wedding anniversary celebration of Bai Li and her husband, Ye Yun Kai, she meets her college junior, Su Yu. At this time, Su Yu is Ning Mo Chen's boyfriend. Ning Mo Chen schemes to let Bai Li find out that her husband is cheating with her. Later, Bai Li and the mistress fall into the water and their souls are accidentally exchanged. Bai Li wakes up with the mistress' soul and begins her revenge.

Director: Shen Wen Shuai

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2024

Genre: Drama; Romance; Supernatural;

  • Ongoing Series

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