Takumi-kun Series 3: The Beauty of Detail (2010)

Takumi-kun Series 3: The Beauty of Detail (2010)

Other name: タクミくんシリーズ3「美貌のディテイル」 , Takumi-kun Series 3: Bibou no Diteiru , Takumi-kun Series 3: Bibou no Detail


At the beginning of their third-year school, Takumi is looking forward to see his boyfriend Gii after the school break. Takumi will no longer be Gii's roommate, while Gii, who is now the third floor's dorm head , has his own room. He soon discovers that since Gii's return from New York, not only has his appearance changed but also his attitude towards him and the others. Besides being cold and avoiding him on purpose, Gii even suggests they stop seeing each other for a while. Deeply affected by the sudden change in Gii's attitude and rejection, Takumi's human contact phobia relapses. Takumi's new roommate Arata Misu, who dislikes Gii, informs Gii of Takumi's relapse and his intention to cure Takumi of his phobia if they were to break up.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama; Romance; Youth;

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