The Accidental Influencer (2024)

The Accidental Influencer (2024)

Other name: 何百芮的地獄毒白 何百芮的地狱毒白 He Bai Rui Di Di Yu Du Bai Ho Pai Jui Te Ti Yv Tu Pai


Follows the story of Red Ho, whose dreams of marrying her boyfriend and owning their own apartment on her 30th birthday were shattered into pieces as her boyfriend leaves her for another woman right on her birthday.

With her newfound grief and unstable mental state, she resigns from her job. After finding herself both heartbroken and jobless, she goes on a tell-all rant on social media and is met with positive responses from people the world over. She then embarks on an unexpected journey to rediscover who she is and what independence is all about.

(Source: HBO GO)

Episodes: 13

Original Network: HBO Go;

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2024

Genre: Web Series;

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