Top League

Top League

Other name: トップリーグ , Toppu Rigu


Naoki Matsuoka is a reporter at the business desk for the Yamato Newspaper. One day he is transferred to the political desk. During a regular press conference held by Chief Cabinet Secretary Kondo, Naoki Matsuoka asks the Chief Cabinet Secretary “What do you think about the safe found in the reclaimed land in Minato, Tokyo?" The question got Chief Cabinet Secretary Kondo’s attention. Due to that, Naoki Matsuoka is placed in charge of coverage of the Chief Cabinet Secretary Kondo and he soon becomes part of the "top league," which refers to a small group of reporters who dig into the prime minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary and senior officers of the ruling party. Meanwhile, Yuji Sakai, who used to work with Naoki Matsuoka, works as a reporter at a weekly magazine. He chases after the truth behind the safe that was found in Minato. Around this time, a robbery takes place. The victim of the robbery is a person who Yuji Sakai covered for the found safe story. Now, Naoki Matsuoka and Yuji Sakai meet for the first time in 10 years. A government taboo is soon revealed.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Business; Drama; Investigation; political;

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