Who's the Suspect (2023)

Who's the Suspect (2023)

Other name: 拯救嫌疑人 中国版七天 Zhong Guo Ban Qi Tian Zheng Jiu Xuan Yi Ren Rescue the Suspect Seven Days in China


Lawyer Chen Zhi Qi, who excels in her work-line, unintentionally finds herself involved in an heinous conspiracy theory that involves her client who is in death row.

Facing doubts by the inmate's family members, especially by Lin Shu, Chen Zhi Qi teams up with police officer Jin Zhi Xiong to investigate the situation, but the already suspicious case is gradually growing stranger and bloodier by the day...

(Source: Chinese = Douban)

Director: Zhang Mo [张末]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Conspiracy; Crime; Drama; Investigation; Law; Mystery;

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